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Just Plane Radio is truly unique from all other marketing options you may have considered in the past.

·         The IMMEDIACY of having your marketing message created, produced, and delivered to thousands of potential customers within the span of one week!

·         The PROMOTION of your industry. Just Plane Radio not only targets the private pilot, it also exposes the aviation lifestyle to literally thousands of radio listeners every week. Reach the aviation consumers you desire and support an outreach program for the industry at the same time…same budget!

·         EFFECTIVE AND ECONOMICAL advertising. The overhead of producing a radio show is nowhere near that of video, television, or print and our advertising rates reflect this fact.

Consider the cost of buying a commercial on 30+ radio stations and exposure on the web. A :60 commercial alone could easily exceed $3000 per play…not to mention the scheduling and accounting nightmare such an effort would require. We currently offer marketing campaigns with Just Plane Radio for as little as $500 per month using banner ads, segment interviews, social media, and 30/60 commercials.

Talk Radio Network
Broadcast distribution for Just Plane Radio is handled through Talk Media Network. This radio network works with hundreds of radio stations across the US and around the world.

We also produce “World of Boating” and “ScubaRadio.” These are the 1st and only nationally syndicated radio shows devoted to boating and diving! (Sound familiar?)

ScubaRadioWorld of Boating radio showThis allows us to provide our sponsors 3 targeted markets with one economical advertising buy. Plus we cross promote diving, boating and flying between all three shows to create a unique outreah opportunity for each activity/industry.

Contact us using the form below and we will customize an advertising campaign to achieve the results you desire!

Wonder who listens to Just Plane Radio?….Check out the research below:

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