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  1. Greg, please check AMA document #550. It clearly tells the AMA members how to operate FPV equipped crafts. (
    The problem is with the flyers that are not aeromodelers. They buy this crafts in camera stores and pretend to know how to fly them using the auto-stabilization systems / autopilot in the crafts. They do not know the rules and do not fly in the confined areas that aeromodelers use.
    Now, you cannot take Stupid from Stupid people. There are always outcasts that do not care and should be punished to the extent that the law allows. 99% of AMA members fly safely. We know the rules and enforce them in our flying fields.
    We also know about the FCC rules regarding the transmission of video and are reminded by the AMA that we have to follow FCC rules when using video transmitters in our crafts.
    I hope this gives you a better understanding of who the real offenders are for your Quad-copter bashing. It’s not the craft but the ignorant or stupid “pilot” that endangers not only planes but the people in the ground.
    Mauricio Mazuera
    Raleigh, NC

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